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Cabled Scarf

On December 1st 2016 I very proudly launched my webshop, with exactly one single product: the Mergelland yarn, in three natural colours, Chalk, Silver and Slate. It had arrived from the spinning mill just one week before, a week that I had needed to design, print, cut and glue ballbands, to make sufficiently decent pictures and to put everything online.

On that same day I found an email from Annelies Baes in my shiny new Greener Wool mailbox. “I design crochet patterns,” she wrote, “and I publish them in magazines and on Ravelry. My husband is from Limburg, from the same Mergelland region where the sheep come from and we like to go there over the weekend. I’d like to work with your yarn. Would you like me to make a nice and beautiful design with the yarn?”

I still don’t understand how she found me this quickly, but of course I was really happy with the request! Only months later I figured out that she’s actually very well known in the world of crochet and that she’s a prolific designer: check out her Instagram or – even better – her page on Ravelry where she has over 250 designs!

Today we can show you the cabled scarf she made. The pattern was published in Inside Crochet Issue 97. It requires two skeins of each colour of Mergelland, six in total. Pictures by Leanne Jade, styling by Claire Montgomerie.

Beautiful, isn’t it?